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With technology in modern vehicles advancing so rapidly electronics now play a huge part in keeping your vehicle moving, not only keeping the engine running but also making the engine as efficient as possible.

Changing gear in an automotive

New MOT Regulations

With new MOT regulations now being applied any illuminated warning symbol is now an instant fail. By using the most up to date diagnostic equipment we can read 99% of vehicles on uk roads, read faults then in turn trace and repair faults.

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Here at A.C Automotive Electrical we pride ourselves on our ability to diagnose any kind of fault on your vehicle whether it be engine or body related.

Using our most up to date fully mobile dealer level equipment we can offer you an in depth diagnosis of your vehicles health on your doorstep at a fraction of the cost that a main dealer would charge.

We are able to access every module and ECU, read and clear fault codes, re-program keys, have the ability to activate components and watch your vehicles responses through live data.

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